Claim to fame

Well here's my recent claim to fame...

I have sold one of my painting's(yes that's the third one I have sold *smug*) to entrepreneur Alexandra Depledge!! 

Through word of mouth she got in contact with me and wanted a birthday present for her husband. She sent me a couple of favourite family photos until we decided on the best one for me to copy on to canvas. 

Although I have always painted portraits I had never painted a whole background and people for a direct relative (it was handy that they were facing the other way). The background was very complicated as it involved perspective and incorporated hundreds of cobbles. 

My creative process always involves a positive start, a very shaky middle with me saying 'I can't do this'and then I make a couple of marks which brings the piece together and it spurs me on to finish. I am sure all artists can relate to this. 

Below are a couple of photos of the finished painting and how many colours went in to this one piece for y…


Over the last four weeks my life long dream of selling my paintings has come true!

I have always painted in my spare time from as far back as I can remember (just for fun) and always thought about how amazing it would be to actually make money from my passion.

WELL I've only gone and done it! Two acrylic paintings sold...yes SOLD... and another one is currently in progress for another buyer.

Just typing it feels pretty surreal.

This client wanted me to paint the view from their parents villa in Greece to then give to her Dad as a birthday present. It is safe to say he was absolutely over the moon with it and the client actually paid me double the price I had asked for...what an proud moment that was.

The next one is for a client's partners birthday of him and their pressure (I'm sweating just thinking about it). It just shows you,nevergive up on the thing you really love because one day someone else will love it too.

Hills of Scotland

I fancied visiting somewhere random, somewhere I had never been to before and somewhere I knew absolutely nothing about.

After researching the typical not so cheap weekend get a way's to Barcelona, Iceland, Germany (the list goes on) it suddenly dawned on me that I have so many idealic places closer to about Scotland!

I had over heard a couple of people talk about how beautiful Edinburgh is over their morning coffee chats in my work kitchen. After researching four hour train rides to Waverley Station and looking for the first time on the now famous airbnb (which I would 100% use again) I decided this was a plan. I roped my younger sister Claire in for the ride and we set off for a weekend of sight seeing and all things Scottish.

We stayed in a beautiful little 'castle apartment' in Grassmarket with amazing views of the castle itself (you would struggle to get better!). This area is the popular meeting place for locals and tourists alike with traditional shops, bar…

My First Ever

My First Ever Blog Post
I don't know why I am so nervous to start writing my first ever blog (but here goes!) On the 3rd May, at 26 years old I have decided to start a blog. Crazy...

I just wanted to briefly tell you why I have started this and what I will be writing/blogging about. So... I have a very creative/over active mind! I therefore desperately need a platform to spill all my thoughts and passions in to one place, otherwise I am going to end up with a hundred Instagram pages.

My passions include painting, flower arranging, home cooking and last but certainly not least travel. I have a trip to Bali, Indonesia planned for June this year and I have just started a new acrylic painting on canvas - watch this space!

I am by no means a writer or photographer so please bare with me on my blogger journey. Please feel free to comment on what you would love to read about on my page.

I think I am really going to enjoy this.